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Observify this spectaculous new trailer for 2K's Prizefighter

We know that 2K Sports' upcoming stab at the world of professional pugilism, Don King Presents: Prizefighter, is the only official video game endorsed by the titular, wispy-haired promoter -- which is a damn shame, if you ask us. Far too often, incredible games fly under the radar of the mainstream commercial market -- if only Ubisoft had the foresight to release Don King Presents: Beyond Good & Evil, and let the world's second greatest hype man work his magic. "You'll be photographizing and pulverizing alien baddies with astonishing robustitude!"

Alas, 2K was the only developer intelligent enough to cash in on the boxing bigwig -- and it looks like they've got a game to back up the King's boasts. Sure, it's not as pretty as Fight Night Round 3, but with fast-paced brawling and training sequences that hearken back to the beloved Ready 2 Rumble series, we're filled with anticipationalism to step into the ring come June 10.

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