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Rumor: Mario Kart Wii may also be plagued by disc read errors

Did your nearly two years of anticipation come to an anticlimactic conclusion last month when your stubborn, soiled Nintendo Wii refused to play the pristine copy of Smash Bros. Brawl you'd just purchased? If you were one of the unlucky owners of an unkempt Wii whose dust-covered laser couldn't read the dual-layer Brawl disc, we've got bad news -- there's a chance your bedraggled home console will refuse to read Mario Kart Wii as well.

GoNintendo cited German gaming news site GameFront with reporting numerous complaints from owners of the Japanese version of the game, saying it often refuses to load and is plagued by frequent crashes -- likely due to the same dual-layered woes suffered by Brawl. Thing is, we can't find any reports of Mario Kart Wii being a dual-layered game -- on the contrary, some early purchasers (and those who obtained the game through more ... dubious channels) are certain it's single-layered. We doubt it's cause for widespread panic -- but keep a wary eye out for further complaints.

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