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Alleged Grand Theft Auto IV intro video


[Update: Eurogamer calls it out as a fake.]

We're not going to tell someone who went through the trouble of (potentially) uploading the intro from Grand Theft Auto IV into the internet's loving embrace how to do a better job the next time they get their hands on a "leaked" copy of a highly anticipated game, but ... here's a couple pointers just in case. If you're going to show yourself taking the disc out of the case and dropping it into the machine to prove its authenticity, it usually helps not to follow that with an edit dissolving any credibility you may have gained with the whole disc thing.

Also – as much as we love seeing the title credits and watching the loading screen as it inches forward ever. so. slowly. – if you're going upload video from your leaked copy of the game, would it really be such a bother to show off some gameplay footage? Seriously, anything?

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