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Capcom exec expects western acquisition in next 2 years

Jason Dobson

With titles like Dead Rising and Lost Planet, it seems that Capcom has developed a taste for western cuisine, at least in how it applies to game development. This observation was echoed by Capcom exec Christian Svensson, who in a recent interview noted belief that the Osaka, Japan-based company could look to add an established Western dev to its portfolio in the near future. Confessed Svensson, "I would be sort of surprised if we didn't acquire a western studio in the next two years."

But Capcom knows that it has the pick of the litter, and it isn't about to let just anyone into its ivory tower. "We're not going to acquire anyone that we haven't done a game with," noted Svensson. The exec also stressed that chemistry would play a "critical" role in any future match, leaving just 28 other dimensions of happier, healthier relationships to be sorted out.

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