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Dutch treat: Samsung surprises with three reveals

Chris Ziegler

Letting the Instinct bask in the limelight back at CTIA earlier this month, Samsung has gone and saved a three-pack of fancy new phones for Dutch show Televisie 2008 this week. First up, the U800 (pictured) is the latest Ultra Edition piece, and at 9.8mm thick, the candybar appears ready for the job -- not to say the 3.2 megapixel camera or 3G radio hurt much, either.

Next, the L870 represents Samsung's newest S60 entry, seemingly slotting in under the N95-killing G810 but still managing to offer a full 3 megapixels on the cam along with Bluetooth, 3G, and quadband GSM. Give us triband HSDPA here, Samsung, and we can be besties forever.

Finally, the long-rumored i900 finally gets some face time, looking ripe to take on LG's fashionable KS20 with UMTS (HSDPA too, if we had to wager a guess), a full 5 megapixels of shooting power, WiFi, and Windows Mobile 6.1. No word yet on when we might be seeing any of these outside the safe confines of a trade show floor, but at least we know they're all real now.

[Via Unwired View]

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