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Edge of Twilight is "Ico, Soul Reaver, and God of War" bundled up

Nick Doerr

Anyone who describes their game, even in passing, as an amalgamation of Ico, Soul Reaver, and God of War just gave themselves one heck of a mountain to climb. It seems FUZZYEYES, team behind the steampunk fantasy game Edge of Twilight isn't afraid to tackle that challenge, either. The head honcho of the project, Wei-Yao Lu set the stage for the game by describing a blur between good and evil like never before and how everything they place in the world has justification for being there.

That is to say, there's no "Jedi" and "Dark Side" choices -- everything is amoral and ambiguous. Two sides to every story. Speaking of story, the main character, Lex, is a half-breed of two social factions that make up the world. The actions he takes through the game, like meandering around on a side quest, will actually affect the flow of the main storyline.

Since you're a half-breed, you have two "personas". One during the day, which gives you brute strength to break scenery and manipulate machinery, and another at night that gives you agile movement and a different fighting style. These two personas will be key in opening up new areas to explore, so we're sure they'll come to light later on. Edge of Twilight is due out next year, so we'll keep our ears to the ground so we can hear the approaching stampede of news.

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