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Intel's MID commercial tells us what we already knew

Darren Murph

Okay, so there's a fair amount of folks out there still wondering what exactly a MID (Mobile Internet Device) can do for them, and while some may scrutinize the facts and still come away in a haze, Intel has unleashed a new 84 second spot hyping the platform's ability to keep you connected in nearly any locale. The plug trumpets the "great battery life" you're just guaranteed to get as well as the ability to connect via WiFi or WiMAX. Beyond accessing the web, you'll also find promotions for multimedia playback and "catching up on your work" -- the latter of which we're thoroughly skeptical about. Still, you're likely to get a hearty chuckle out of it if nothing else, so click on past the break to get schooled.

[Via UberReview]

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