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Pixar hops on bandwagon, also commits to 3D productions

Darren Murph

Okay, so this 3D thing is really getting serious. Nearly a month after DreamWorks Animation made known that all of its future films would be produced in 3D, Pixar has hit back with an eerily similar announcement. Reportedly, Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter proclaimed that beginning with Up in May of 2009, each Pixar production will be released in 3D alongside the traditional 2D version. We're also given a look at what to expect from the studio in the next four years, with titles such as Bolt, Rapunzel, King of the Elves and of course, Toy Story 3 all on deck. Furthermore, the first two Toy Story pictures will likely be re-released in 3D, but sadly, no timeline was given. Better get used to rockin' those face-engulfing specs, it seems.

[Via WidescreenReview, image courtesy of Moldova]

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