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3ality Digital performs live 3D broadcast at NAB

Darren Murph

3ality Digital, which played a huge role in the creation of U2 3D, successfully completed a live 3D demonstration today by beaming a performance in real-time from Burbank, California to Las Vegas, Nevada for viewers at NAB Show's Content Theater to see. The 30-minute program was a live feed of Howie Mandel and company showing off a new game show (dubbed Would You Rather?) that could eventually pass the muster and end up on NBC. Notably, the transmission occurred via a single stream using an existing broadcast infrastructure, and folks on the other end were able to see just how swell 3D broadcasts can be -- even when live. The demo was established in order to prove that live 3D airings (for sporting events, game shows, etc.) are indeed viable, but until folks start gathering at cinemas or ditching their current sets for 3D-ready versions, we can't imagine this (incredibly intriguing idea) having mass appeal.

[Image courtesy of Yahoo]

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