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Capcom thanks fans for buying Okami

Candace Savino

If you've preordered Okami (from the Capcom Store, that is), Capcom has gone out of its way to reward your loyalty. You can expect some goodies in the mail soon (you lucky dogs), including a thank-you card embedded with seeds. That means you can either save the card in a shoebox full of mementos from your fondest Capcom memories (with "Mr." or "Mrs. Capcom" written on the lid), or actually plant the card and watch it grow.

You will have something nice to save though -- mainly, the sweet Amaterasu postage stamp on the envelope. Lastly, the company will also be sending you a coupon code for free shipping on a future purchase. Well done, Capcom! What a great way to show appreciation for your fans.

[Via Kotaku]

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