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Circuit City comes through after trashing man's Honda Civic


It may have given him the runaround at first, but it looks like Circuit City is now finally doing the right thing after totally trashing the Honda Civic owned by an forum user that goes by the name VTECnical. As you may recall, that damage, which totaled over $12,000 in all, was incurred after VTECnical had Circuit City install a Pioneer AVIC Z2 GPS unit and some other components he purchased at the store, all of which went horribly wrong and left the car unsafe to drive. Now according to Autoblog, however, it appears that not only has Circuit City's insurance provider come through with over $10,000 to cover repair costs, but Circuit City has paid out the remaining amount itself, and thrown in a brand new $2,000 Pioneer AVIC Z2 to boot. No word if VTECnical's going to have Circuit City install it or not though.

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