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EQ's Fabled Planes of Power Lore explores the Tower of Solusek Ro


EverQuest's Fabled season really heats up with a scorching visit to the lair of the Prince of Flame himself, His Royal Hotness, Solusek Ro. (Oh, sorry for those puns. I'm so, so sorry). That carefully tousled hair; those bishonen features... You might find him laying waste to Tunaria, or directing the construction of another temple to his fiery father in the Plane of Fire, but he often stays at the very top of his tower he constructed on an island in Doomfire itself. SOE has the story on the Particolor Prince, the minions that guard the instruments of his power, and the tower that houses them all in their latest installment of the Lore of the Fabled Planes of Power.

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