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Gruul scaled down to 8-man raid (not really)

Zach Yonzon

EU Stormscale Guild adult swim were recently interviewed by Nihilum (you know, those guys) for downing Gruul the Dragonkiller with a Karazhan-short 8 people. Nihilum had released a video of their guys doing Gruul with a mere 15 raiders, and it was something that adult swim leader Snookiwooki said was "pretty easy". According to Snookiwooki, adult swim had a fairly light raiding schedule and were merely looking for "stupid things to do outside of raids". Because of the nature of the fight, adult swim stuck to ranged DPS to minimize worry about cave ins.

The self-described semi-hardcore guild of 35 people believe that their accomplishment can be duplicated by any equally-geared (they're currently progressing through Sunwell Plateau) raid with the proper set-up. Snookiwooki also mentions that since they won't be attempting Gruul for a while, guilds are more than welcome to beat the record. With entry-level 25-man raid content now doable with a mere 8 people, the winds of Wrath of the Lich King seem closer than ever. Watch the video here.

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