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H3 Legendary Map Pack now available!

Dustin Burg

The day has finally come! No, not tax day silly, today is the release day for the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack! Woohoo!

For 800 Microsoft points, you'll be treated to a 411MB download that is comprised of three new multiplayer maps including the Sidewinder inspired Avalanche, the Lockout remake Blackout and the inspired by creativity Ghost Town. Remember too that, for a limited time, anyone who makes a Legendary Map Pack purchase will get a free four month subscription to Bungie Pro as a bonus. And if you're still not sure 800 points for three maps is worth it, feel free to check out our Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Dissection for a preview of the new maps and to gauge if it's worth it to you. To us, the new maps are definitely worth it. Enjoy!


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