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iHome iP99 claims to be first iPhone-friendly clock radio, isn't

Darren Murph

Oh sure, the iHome iP99 is certainly a welcome addition to the fray, but the first iPhone-compatible clock radio it isn't. Nevertheless, this device claims to be able to play back tunes on your handset without that sanity-killing interference that's so common on most iPod stereo systems. While blasting out tunes, users can still expect to receive calls while it's charging, and if you're currently rolling sans an iPhone, it'll also play nice with all docking iPod models. Per usual, there's an AM / FM tuner, auxiliary input, a variety of wake modes, dual alarm settings, backlit buttons and a remote control for switching tracks / controlling volume from afar. Of course, by the time this thing lands in June for $149.99, we could be testing to see if it works with an all new iPhone.

Update: We've been informed that what was really supposed to be said here was that it's "is the first clock radio available for purchase that is designed specifically for the iPhone," and it's been awarded the coveted "Works with iPhone" sticker from Apple itself. Needless to say, this bad boy has all the shielding you'll need.

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