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It's live! Firmware 2.30 ready to download


It's April 15th on the East Coast, and firmware 2.30 is already live. The major update for this release is the redesigned PLAYSTATION Store, and boy does it look good. We fell in love the moment we clicked X and heard that new chime that signals the launch of the Store.

You'll find broken image placeholders in many places, as things still seem to be in the middle of construction. Some complained that the O button shouldn't close the Store -- it doesn't anymore. Now, it simply takes you back one page. And yes, the new Store is much, much faster.

There's a few new additions already available on the Store, such as a new Super Stardust HD update and the Lair patch. Go to Network Update on your PS3 and get downloading -- tell us what you think of the new PS Store!

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