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It's official: Wii Fit priced at $90

No big surprises here – Gamestop already let the pricing details slip out from under Nintendo's iron grip – but just as impressions of the game slash exercise peripheral are being published all over the web, the Big N has made it all official. Wii Fit (and the Wii Balance Board of course) will be released on May 19th for a suggested retail price of $89.99.

But if you're not content with just a game and balance board peripheral and you happen to reside in or around the island of Manhattan, Nintendo has a special treat for you.The first 1000 people to drop a $5 pre-order for the gear at New York City's Nintendo Word Store from April 18 - 20 will be rewarded with a Wii Fit t-shirt featuring the likeness of game designer (and weight watcher) Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. We're really hoping he's rocking the Richard Simmons short shorts, tank top combo.

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