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Our House gets competition from Home Sweet Home


Somehow, the Wii is now in the position of being the game system with two games about designing and building houses -- not including MySims or the inevitable Animal Crossing. We're quite sure that when Majesco announced Our House, they'd be comfortably alone in a genre of their very own.

Home Sweet Home is a WiiWare game from BigBlueBubble based on a casual PC title of the same name (and the same gameplay!) Rather than home-building, Home Sweet Home focuses on interior design and renovation, casting the player as a professional decorator. You'll talk to your clients about their needs, and then direct a team to do the appropriate building and decorating.

In addition to the 'home-design' genre, Home Sweet Home also joins Our House in the category of games whose titles remind us of songs. Enjoy some Mötley Crüe! It's Crüesday.


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