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Pantel / Aquatic AV weatherproof LCD TVs get torture tested, survive

Darren Murph

Neither Pantel's 32-inch PAN320 nor Aquatic AV's 17-inch AQ-LCD17S-1 boast HD panels, but these units can do some things even the mighty Kuro can't. Those sadistic (and oh-so-lucky) souls over at Sound and Vision Magazine were able to grab hold of the duo and indulge in an afternoon of torture -- all without fear of negative consequences. After blasting each set with a water hose, dousing 'em in Kool-Aid and even piling on the dirt, neither missed a single scene. Of course, they will set you back $3,950 and $1,999, respectively, but at least you won't be cooped up inside all summer, right? Hit the read link (and slip on the goggles) for the full report.

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