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RIP: Smash Bros. Dojo


The Smash Bros. Dojo has been with us for so long, offering daily glimpses into one of the Wii's most anticipated titles, but as of yesterday, the blog is no longer updating. Where will we turn now for our daily fix? Oh, we could play the game, sure (at least, those of us not in Europe; sorry, folks), but Masahiro Sakurai's informative, enthusiastic posts gave us the tools we needed to succeed and grow as people (and, uh, players). It's like losing a friend.

In honor of our months with the dojo, the Wii Fanboy staff got together and prepared a gallery collecting some of our favorite reveals, so that we can relive the experience one last time. Can someone pass the tissue? We're having a moment here.

Let Meowth show you it >

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