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Rumor: Wii 'Peekaboo Pole Dancing' pitched


Peekaboo Pole Dancing is currently seeking partners to license its "make me a private dancer" product for Wii, reports Tech Digest. The company famous for its "Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit" and celebrity-endorsed "Electra Pole" has apparently reached out to the gaming industry at large through an email pitching its would-be game.

While Nintendo is not likely to follow up its Balance Board with the "Posture Pole," or Wii Fit with "Wii Strip," there's certainly a market for Peekaboo's proposal: a way for mommy and daddy to stay connected after the kiddies are tucked in; or the after-party for Wii Sports Bowling Night at the Senior Center. Though with STDs on the rise throughout the retirement community, Wii Strip may be one gimmick Nintendo is prepared to shy away from (let's not further encourage our performance enhancing drug-addicted elders, amirite?). One thing's for sure: Nintendo draws the line when it comes to the corruption of the old people.

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