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Technicolor, CinemaNow team up to sell online movie stores


Looking to get into the online movie business? Well sit down because CinemaNow and Technicolor have a deal for you, since they've hooked up and are offering a "better way to deliver the digital content consumers are demanding". Basically the plan is to take the internet movie store CinemaNow has developed franchise, and allow other companies to introduce their own marketplace without having to develop their own encoding, encryption, DRM, hosting or other necessary technology -- and it sounds like a good one to us. Technicolor brings not only its infrastructure, but also plans to collab with CinemaNow on projects like adding additional HD movies to its 10,000+ database of titles. Of course CinemaNow's compatibility with the Xbox 360 and other devices is part of the package (though we wonder if those DVD burning issues have been resolved) -- potentially turning competition like Netflix, Blockbuster or Wal-Mart into partners.

[Via Reuters]

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