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Tips for leveling Fishing past 225 at level 70


So here I am at level 70, back in the land where your mom is that easy and Chuck Norris is that cool: The Barrens. I'm not here to save the Crossroads from ganking Allies and I'm not here to run noobs through Wailing Caverns (so stop asking). I'm here to fish.

Fishing is the one secondary skill I didn't work on because, well, it's boring. But now that you can make tons of cash with the new Fishing Dailies, I'm leveling up fish-catching skills. The problem is that once you get to 225, and finish that annoying quest with Nat Pagle, fishing gets even more boring than it was before. No matter where you fish, each skillup is farther apart and you have to hang out in places that are far below your level if you don't want to miss a lot.

The first thing I did was search WoW Insider, because that usually does the trick and I found a great guide to Fishing and Cooking, but the advice for leveling to 300 says "may god have mercy on your soul because Blizzard won't." Not a good sign. I also found a link to El's Extreme Anglin' which is a fantastic fishing site, but I couldn't find any advice for making the trip from 225 any less painful. So I asked The Spousal Unit who has won the Fishing Extravaganza more than once and after some experimentation on my own, I'm well on my way past 265 and making a lot of cash at the same time.

My tips are after the jump.

  • Keep it simple: You can level all the way from 1 to 300 in the beginner lakes in the newbie zones, so there's no need to challenge yourself and put up with misses.
  • Do the Fishing Daily Quests: The Crocolisks in the City quest can be done with a really low fishing skill and you get a nice supply of +100 lures to use. The Shrimping Ain't Easy quest is in Zangarmarsh and can be done with 225 skill and a +100 lure with not too many misses. Both of these quests will level your fishing without it being a total bore.
  • Cook your catch: Cooked fish vendors for quite a bit more than raw fish, so you definitely want to cook it up before you sell. Also, if you are leveling up in Zangarmarsh, Blackened Sporefish is used by raiders and casual questers alike, so cook them up and deposit them in your guild bank.
The biggest tip of all -- the one that is filling my coffers -- is to go to the Barrens and fish for Deviate Fish. Any of the lakes have them and you don't have to find a pool of them to fish them up. The skill required to fish there without misses is well below 225, so you don't need to spend any of your lures. Though this is easiest for Horde, even Alliance players on PvP servers can hang out in the Barrens at level 70 without too much of a ruckus. The northernmost pool is pretty secluded and as Alliance you have the added benefit of not being subjected to Barrens Chat. This is a really good thing, considering the amount of Chuck Norris trivia and dead blonde jokes I suffered through yesterday.

Why Deviate Fish? Because, if you have the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight, you can cook them up and sell them on the AH for up to 20 gold a stack. And really, who doesn't want to look like a pirate?

Do you have any other tips to level your fishing to 300? Or, more importantly: Ninjas or Pirates?

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