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Verizon adds new messaging plans, too

Chris Ziegler

The hot new smartphone plan might be the big news out of Verizon so far this week, but riding those coattails are a series of interesting new messaging offerings as well. The plans are targeted squarely at folks who put a bigger emphasis on text allowances than they do on voice minutes, and have allegedly been willed into existence as a direct result of customer feedback. Actually, you don't even need any voice plan at all to make these bad boys happen on your bill. So-called "consumer devices" get dinged for $34.99 a month (mobile email's an extra $5 here) while owners of BlackBerrys and PDA / smartphone class devices pay $54.99, getting in return an unlimited dosage of messaging and on-device data usage; calls run 40 and 25 cents per minute, respectively. If you let your thumbs do 90 percent of the talking on a daily basis, this might just be your hook-up.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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