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    GamePark's GP2X F-200 handheld gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    We know, most of you even remotely interested in the F-200 either already own one (and you're playing it right now, aren't you? Don't lie.) or are waiting intently for the Pandora. Nevertheless, the cats over at Ars Technica managed to wrap their paws around the GP2X F-200 and give it the full review treatment -- needless to say, impressions were (fairly) positive. Immediately recognized as a "hybrid of Sony's PSP and the Nintendo DS," the gaming handheld possessed a bright, clear LCD, somewhat "tinny" speakers and the ability to chew through batteries without shame. Still, aside from a few minor niggles, the critics found it to be "well worth the $170 price tag for the emulation capabilities alone." Hit up the read link for the entire review, but don't even bother if you're looking for excuses to hold off.

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