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Guildwatch: We're $#&(ing good at this game, too

Mike Schramm

Guildwatch is back, and boy do we have a drama-stacked edition for you this week. How about this Vent recording we've got, complete with classical piano playing in the background. Or this hacked guild that didn't really get hacked at all? We've got Shaman ninjas, Auction House drama, and even a Warglaive fight. Our tipsters really, really came through this week (thanks everybody!), and you reap the benefits.

Additionally, there's also plenty of downed news behind the break as well, and just a bit of recruiting news also (seems like most guilds are filled up for the time being). If you've got a tip for GW, whether for your guild or a great piece of drama you've seen somewhere, drop us a line at and see it here next week. In the meantime, click the link below to see this week's GW!


  • More from Revelation on Ravencrest (apparently they've been here before). We hear that Aluccor originally left them for the most hilarious of reasons (a girl was mentioned), but now he's back and looking to lead some raids! Nope, not looking to be a part of any raids -- he's only looking to lead them (there's no I in team, but he sees a "me" in there somewhere). Commence the laughing at his expense, and things get even messier when people start to question his raid experience and game knowledge. As our tipster says, "much popcorn is popped."
  • "Yes, most people in Rivals were really good and fun. But then again, there comes a time when the sun is shining and the raiders you were counting on for progress just go out with their girlfriends. That's when you're screwed, if you're on [EU] Dentarg Alliance. That's all." Way to be a downer in a fun loving shout-out thread there, Fausta. Later on, the rest of the server shows up to defend their progression, but Fausta never pulls off a line as good as that "girlfriends" one, so it's mostly him complaining there's no progression while guilds that aren't his are rolling through BT.
  • Mularn Militia of Blackhand has apparently broken up -- their fourth Warglaive dropped from Illidan, and someone who wanted it (rightfully, supposedly) didn't get it. The resulting drama broke the guild apart. Which is probably something for them to be proud of -- most guilds don't even get to argue over a Warglaive, much less break up from one. If you're going to break up over a piece of loot, it might as well be Legendary, right?
  • Warlords on Mug'Thol has merged with Rising Sun, and Westward was chosen as a new GL. Apparently it's because a few of the officers in Warlords split ranks and ran to Lord of the Rings Online. "Suckers," says our tipster.
  • Under the Influence on Aerie Peak-A had a former GM and then officer gather some nice items from their Mag and Gruul runs while secretly lining up applications to BT/Hyjal guilds. He then split, leaving only a a surprise post on the forums, which means he's ditched his RL friends for the promise of Tier 6. From the tipster to the guildskipper: "I wish you all the best in BT. You know who you are, and the only person you 'failed' is yourself."
  • Act One: Guildies from Bonechewer's Last Resort log on to find their guild bank cleaned out, everyone in the guild kicked, and one of their officers hacked. Act Two: In a surprising twist, it seems that it wasn't so much a hacking as a complete and total ninja -- one of the guild's members logged on, cleaned everything out, and /gkicked everyone. Act Three: hasn't happened yet, but hopefully justice will get served, one way or another.
  • Kara chaos from Warforged on Kilrogg -- One guild member, we'll call him Woopsie, was tired of waiting for a few raid members to show up at the designated time, so he split and logged off. A few minutes later, the missing members showed up, and the raid leader decided "what the heck, we've got the people, so we'll run anyway." Word of the run got to Woopsie, however, and he logged back on, angry that they'd gone without him (even though we hear he didn't have the ability to call the raid off anyway). But the GL sided with him, and ended up kicking the raidleader who'd decided to go, an officer in the raid, and one of their friends. Things escalated from there, and a few more /gkicks and /gquits happened. I'm not sure what I'd do in Woopsie's situation: on the one hand, yeah, you should always show up on time to the raid, so the people who came late are at fault. On the other hand, if you've got the people, why not go? What do ya'll think?
  • Here's a tip: if you find yourself having to post "Why did I get /gkicked?" on the forums, then it's time to ditch Brutal Knights on Shattered Halls and find yourself another guild.
  • This one's good: Permafrost on Skullcrusher is pushing their way through T5 and Hyjal, but their server doesn't really respect them all that much -- they had a Vent recording leak out into the open, and I have to admit, it is pretty great (NSFW, duh). The music makes it (and the GL pushing his raid and threatening /gkicks and disbands is pretty funny), but that guy who gives out the epic line "I'm $#(ing good at this game, mother#$(*er" is the MT, Elidorne, and he eventually had enough -- he split not long after.
  • Insanity on EU Karazhan claims Nightshift stole their Enhancement Shaman. Maybe I should respec Enhance -- I'd like to have guilds fighting over me.
  • Beware: what appears to be a simple question about stats could actually be a passive/aggressive dig at a guild who denied a poor rogue's application because his hit rating "was a bit too low." Threat gets good on page 2, stick with it until then.
  • Auction House Drama on Argent Dawn. The accused shows up, too. He's been shopping for bargains on the Neutral Auction House, and he's unrepentant.
  • Mutiny of EU Khadgar-A cleared Akil'zon, Nalorakk, Halazzi in ZA, and farmed the Magster, Grull, HKM, Void Reaver (can't call him Loot Reaver any more), and all of Karzhan. They're also recruiting it up.
  • Hellbender (Anvilmar-A) didn't make the cut to get in last week's GW (sorry man, I've got to sleep sometime), but here they are this week, having downed four new bosses : Hydross, Morogrim Tidewalker, Fathom Lord Karathress (two-shot!), and Magtheridon. They've got the blind guy on notice for this week.
  • KVN of Laughing Skull has downed Vashj (3 times actually) and just finished off Rage Winterchill and Anetheron. Grats! We hear Gorefiend is on notice, but as fast as they're going, he may be dead by now.
  • Senatus Redux (EU Kul Tiras) downed four bosses in three days: Magtheridon, Al'ar (went down with 24 standing), Malacrass and then even Zul'jin in ZA. Grats on the roll, guys, good luck with Vashj and Kael.
  • The Drunken Knights of Aman'thul have also had a nice run of guild firsts (seems to be a trend this week): Nalorakk, Netherspite and Nightbane have all bit the dust. And they then had a beer to celebrate clearing Karazhan.
  • Elder Brethren on EU Aszune downed the Prince "definitively" (apparently the first time only a hunter was left standing). Nightbane and Netherspite are left in Kara, so "let's go dragon hunting!" is what they're saying.
  • Dead Poets Society of Durotan-H got revenge for all those dragons in Blade's Edge and stuck a King's Defender right through Gruul. Nice job -- the DSPCA (Dragons on Stalagmites Physical Care Association) thanks you.
  • Spike Flail of Ner'zhul spent Sunday night bashing Kalecgos' head against the ground. It worked -- they finished him off. Brutallus is at 4% so far, so he's on notice.
  • Open Bar (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Nagrand-A has downed Prince. Grats! Next up, they're going to splatter some troll guts all over Zul'Aman.
  • Ronin has recently merged with Slight of Hand and they busted up HKM. Gruul down to 18% and is on notice. They're also actively recruiting members who enjoy raiding and love PVP but don't want the pressures of a hardcore raid guild. Join them for a little RONAGE! (that's their pun, not mine, but I do like it)
  • Pandemoneus and Front de Liberation on Stormrage-H, have taken advantage of the attunement removal and jointly downed all but Archimonde in Hyjal, and have killed Najentus, Supremus and Akama in Black Temple. Grats! They say that Kael is getting his soon, too, so don't worry about that.
  • Heretic on Blackwing Lair is progressing well lately. They've dropped Void Reaver, Jan'Alai, Morogrim, Karathress on a one-shot. Leotheras is on notice for next time around.
  • Elysian on Alleria defrosted Rage Winterchill in the microwave. Kael was on notice as of their first tip, but later in the week we heard they downed him too.
  • Spartan Legion on Dark Iron has downed Magtheridon on their first night fighting him. SSC is next!
  • Bit Players on Lothar-A beat up Fathom Lord, but had a little trouble with Leotheras. At 6%, he's definitely going down next time.
  • Our friends in Lucidity on Thorium-Brotherhood-A took a break from Tier 6 land tonight to go back and down Kael'thas Sunstrider (the real one, not the MrT version) for an Alliance-side first! That's at least 25 "Hands" strolling around Ironforge now. Very nice job, guys.
  • A New Dawn on Kargath-A has killed Leo followed it up with a FLK kill on their first night fighting him. They're still recruiting, too: ret pally, mage, resto shammy, feral druid and holy pally are the spots they need filled.
  • Motion on Exodar-H downed FLK, Leo and Rage in one week putting their progression to 5/6 SSC and 1/4 TK. Next stop, 3/4 TK. Very nice, grats.
  • The Unforgiven from Moonrunner is a guild full of altoholics that finally rolled into Karazhan, and downed Huntsman and Moroes, two-shotted the Maiden, then dropped Oz and Curator, too. Very nice job! See? Even altaholics can do a little endgame raiding in this game.
  • Serendipity on Durotan pulled the snakes out of Vashj's head for a guild first. Grats!
  • Cake or Death (on Rexxar) is a small, casual group of friends who have been making steady progress through Karazhan (what they lack in size, they make up for in moxie, we're told) and they just dropped the Prince for the first time. They are now setting our sights on Nightbane and Netherspite for a complete Kara clear. And then on to Zul'Aman!
  • Blades of Light (Sentinels-A) downed Jan'Alai, finishing off the ZA spirit bosses. Grats!
  • The Ugly Future on Steamwheedle is a group of RL friends casually working their way up to endgame, and they also downed Prince this week (pic above) -- first try was a little rusty, but second try was a flawless victory: no one died. Netherspite's on notice.
  • Departed of Kul'Tiras downed Kalecgos for a server first. Grats!
  • Shadow on Firetree downed Vashj for the first time on the weekend. After a sad wipe on phase one, they decided to buck up and make it their last attempt and that did the trick -- she got taken out like chinese food.
  • Empyre (Dethecus-H) took their first night into Karazhan as a guild, and went from Attumen, to Moroes, to Maiden, to Opera (Big Bad Wolf) to Curator to Aran to Illhoof to Chess, before calling the run due to time issues. Very nice job. Prince is on notice for next week.
  • Priory Of Souls on Elune is recruiting for people to join their raiding guild. They say they're drama-free (so far), and aiming to run some 25 man content, all classes welcome.
  • Knights Templars Endgame on Echo Isles is a newly formed Alliance guild, spun off of The Knights Templars specifically to do endgame content. They are looking for mature, over 18 level 70s, mainly healers, warlocks and rogues. Kara is starting soon -- get in on the ground floor of what's sure to be a tight endgame guild.
  • Vanguards of Azeroth on Sargeras-A is recruiting healers and DPS, with tanks welcome to apply (although they're pretty much full up on tanks already). Healers and mages will get extra attention, though, so jump on in if you're one of those.
  • FortyTwo, an Alliance guild on Whisperwind, is a mature (18+) raiding guild looking for a few good healers. They're currently 3/4 and 5.5/6 (Vashj is almost there), and they need a Tree Druid, a Healadin and a CoH Priest to round out their raid team. If you have the specs and/or know what you need to do to get there (and knowing is half the battle), put in an application!
Is it strange that we're so low on recruiting news this week? I guess all of the guilds out there have filled all the spots they need until Wrath of the Lich King drops. Good thing the drama and downing news is making up for it.

That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, be sure to send us your tips at, and happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and Guildwatch actually drinking your milkshake. Drinking it up! Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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