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More bundle fun with MacUpdate Promo Parallels deal


Must be software bundle season -- on the heels of the MacHeist bundle last week, the MacUpdate Parallels bundle is now on sale. MU is featuring the usual unlock scheme, whereby the top-line apps remain off the table until the requisite number of bundles have been sold.

For this bundle, as you might have sussed out from the name, MU is headlining Parallels as the final unlockable app; other apps include Hazel, Art Text, Leap, Typinator, DVD Remaster Pro, and (still to be unlocked) Sound Studio and BannerZest. $64.99 for the lot of them (assuming the unlock thresholds are reached), less than the retail cost of Parallels alone -- not bad.

As the value of a bundle decreases proportionally with the number of applications you already own, you might consider a bundle gift for the switcher in your life. Especially with Parallels in the mix, a new Mac user coming from Windows-land would probably be thrilled to get a whole pile of goodies.

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