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Cue the violins, Lifetime Television HD coming soon

Steven Kim

Always a favorite around the offices of Engadget HD, Lifetime Movie Network HD has a new best-friend-forever in the form of Lifetime Television HD, which has now launched. The sister (heh) channel has already lined up deals with U-Verse TV and FiOS TV. All kidding aside, the new channel has some serious market research to back it up, with almost half of women in the age range of 18 - 54 wanting to add either Lifetime or Lifetime Movie offerings to their HD menu. Even if the programming isn't your cup o' tea, take it as an encouraging sign that HD is mainstream enough to break out of the boys-only club. And let's face it -- men, women and children alike -- are going to watch whatever content they want to, so we welcome the addition of HD-choice to the table.

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