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EQII dev discusses the art of plugging a memory leak

William Dobson

No one enjoys a memory leak in their favorite game. Perhaps you've reported one in the past, in the hopes of a speedy fix. EverQuest II's technical director Joshua Kriegshauser recently noticed quite a few reports coming in about a possible leak in the zone Veeshan's Peak, and has done a write-up of what it takes to repair these crippling and annoying problems.

Having read through the article, we won't pretend that we understood everything that Kriegshauser has written, but we get the point -- fixing memory leaks is no stroll in the park. For those of you that can keep up with what he is saying, kudos to you. For the rest of us, it opens our eyes to what really goes on behind the little hotfixes we zoom past in the latest patch notes of any given game. In case you don't make it to the end of the article, we'll let you know that he did manage to fix the leak -- we're going to go now and sleep off the headache we got from reading that far.

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