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European PS3 owners are up in arms once again [Update]

Jem Alexander

The list of grievances Europe is holding against SCEE seems to be growing by the week. A new thread on the official European PlayStation forums demonstrates the various areas in which SCEE is underachieving in comparison to SCEA. While everyone seems happy with the design of the new PSN Store, which went live recently, European PS3 owners seem annoyed at the weird categorisation system used on the EU version. There's no "demos" section, requiring you to search through each game in turn to see whether it has a demo available or not.

Not only that, but there's no "preview" button on the European Store, which means that there are no video previews of games. Other annoyances include a lack of decent content, games appearing late (or never at all) compared to their US releases and the lack of a real European PlayStation.Blog. It looks like the members of the official forums aren't going to take it anymore. But will SCEE listen? Sadly, we doubt it.

[UPDATE] The thread has been moved to the feedback section of the official European PlayStation forums.

[Thanks, madrabbit!]

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