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Massively Speaking Podcast Episode 1

Michael Zenke

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you a brand new podcast! "Massively Speaking" is a medium-length (40-60 minutes) weekly podcast from the writers at! The podcast will be covering a week's worth of highlights, detailing news and features from the website. Tune in each week to hear commentary from the minds behind your favorite MMO-related news, editorials, and feature articles.

"Massively Speaking" episode one sees co-leads Krystalle Voecks and Michael Zenke, writer Kyle Horner, and accomplished podcasting veteran Shawn Schuster setting down to a banquet of MMO news. Check out our commentary on the Lich King alpha announcement, LOTRO Book 13, and City of Heroes issue 12. Our feature-of-the-week is all about Age of Conan, and the unique character classes they're offering up. By Crom!

Make sure to listen here on the page, or download the episode for local listening. You can also read on for the full show notes!

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