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Meet a Champions Online concept artist, Imario Susilo

Kyle Horner

It's been a surprisingly info-heavy week for the Champions Online fans, as yet another post has been placed onto the official website by the awesome community content writer, Kestrel.

The concept art that's been coming out for Champions Online has definitely been impressive. With every new character that's revealed, the game seems to develop a personality all its own. One of the guys we have to thank for that is Imario Susilo, who's one of the concept artists working at Cryptic and the focus of this week's "Meet the Team" article. Born and raised in Indonesia, Imario (who apparently stands at seven-feet-tall) moved stateside during his high school years.

Imario himself goes over his method for designing a new character for Champions Online, which sounds like an exhaustive -- but very fun -- job. We're certainly grateful for the people designing this game -- be it character, world or story -- because without them, our superhero fantasies would fall flatly onto their collective faces.

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