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Pirates arrrr coming to the DS in June

Candace Savino
Many of you fancy yourselves swashbuckling fiends, which means you grab onto any pirate-related news as if it were treasure. At least, Oxygen is banking on this, which is why they're bringing Pirates: Duels on the High Seas to the DS.

Originally, the game was supposed to end up in Europe on April 18th. Oxygen revealed today, though, that the game's release was pushed back to June. The title seems to have a lot of gameplay content (multiple single player modes, single-cart multiplayer, varying tasks, etc.), but we suppose we'll have to wait until June now to see if it's actually any good.

You can also expect a a WiiWare prequel for this game at some point this summer (called Pirates: The Key of Dreams) to expand upon the story of Duels on the High Seas.

[Via press release]

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