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Rumor: Mortal Kombat VS DC Comics?


With this being the year fighting games make their glorious return, it shouldn't be too surprising that Mortal Kombat is going to be getting a sequel (the eighth in the series, can you believe it?). While it is confirmed that there will be another game in the series, the specifics are tightly under wraps for the moment, and Midway plans to release them relatively soon. Some of the outlets that have gotten (or will get) access to the info already have teasers up for the thing, and those in and of themselves may have been more of a giveaway than intended.

GamesRadar posted a teaser image with promise of an exclusive video tomorrow, but they should have looked much more closely at the filename. The image is named "MKDC blog--article_image" which basically gives away the big secret. Not to mention the blatantly obvious Superman silhouette in the picture itself. It looks as though Midway might have an answer of their own to Marvel VS Capcom and X-Men VS Street Fighter. Too bad they're about 10 years too late.

[Note: Since this post's original writing, the picture has been removed from GamesRadar's post, so interpret what that means for yourself. We, however, think "confirmed"]

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