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Euphoria-based Backbreaker gameplay video is intriguing

Justin McElroy

It's far too early to pass any sort of judgment, but we're intrigued by this first gameplay video of the upcoming football game Backbreaker, which seems to be more focused on putting players into the shoes of the athletes than the godlike skycam view of most football titles. No, it has no license, but it does seem to be a different take on the genre, and really, isn't that just as important?

The tackles also look fairly realistic and with good reason: The game is powered by the euphoria engine, the same one used in The Force Unleashed and Grand Theft Auto IV. We're going to hear more about this game (slated for a vague 2008 release) in the coming weeks. As such, we just want to be the first to make this joke: Gridirons of War. ... We don't have a wider context for it, but when you see it start to pop up just remember who dropped that bon mot first.

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