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EVE approaches fives years of virtual adventure

Andrew Russo

"I hope they take the servers down so I can go get a shower." It is good to see EVE has not changed since it first blinked into existence. So many memories, so many destroyed ships, so many hours spent hauling ore from can to station. As EVE approaches the five year mark on the 6th of May, public relations and communications director Valerie Massey docked her ship and logged off. Why did she log off exactly? To chat about EVE of course! What else is there to do when not playing EVE?

At five years, EVE is getting a bit on the old side in terms of MMOs. That didn't stop CCP of course. They gave EVE one hell of a Botox injection, hired an ex-commando for a trainer, and put the game into damn fine shape. Trinity was a huge testament to the ability of CCP and EVE to change and grow in very good ways. As Valerie says, the company itself started off with a handful of team members watching their dream become reality on a projector screen. They now employ over three hundred people and can claim a playerbase of over 200,000. From all of us at Massively, happy birthday! We hope the pod popping and ice mining continues for years to come.

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