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Konami bringing animals, music, and sandcastles to WiiWare

Jason Dobson

Konami has become the latest company to throw its weight behind the impending North American WiiWare launch, announcing that it has "several" WiiWare titles in development for the region, the first of which is a four-player puzzle game called Critter Round-Up.

Known by the equally cute title Saku Saku Animal Panic in Japan, Critter Round-Up will have players building fences to keep animal species separated while avoiding "predators and other mischievous animals." The game is being created by fledgling developer Epicenter Studios, a company whose only other credit is the as yet unreleased Real Heroes: Firefighter for the Wii. And if corralling animals doesn't get you going (what's wrong with you?), Konami notes that future WiiWare projects include an arcade-style music game called Crescendo (working title) and a sandcastle building sim tentatively known as Fresco Beach. Excited yet?

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