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Maxell's iVDR external HDD handles hardcore field operations

Darren Murph

Just because Maxell left the disc manufacturing to other rivals doesn't mean that it's bowing out of the external HDD market. Announced this week, the firm has introduced its all new iVDR, which "connects directly through a bi-directional USB or eSATA adapter to a shoulder-mounted camcorder capable of delivering 10-bit, 4:2:2 master-quality video and native full HD video." In layman's terms, this here drive caters to those logging clips in the rough, and its innate ability to resist drops of up to 4-feet makes it the ideal candidate for even the clumsiest shooter. Unfortunately, mum's the word on price, but we are told that a 160GB version (with a 540Mbps transfer rate) is set to land in Q2, while a slightly more capacious 250GB edition is hitting shelves in Q3.

[Via BIOS, thanks Christian]

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