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Vin Diesel is looking for a job in new The Wheelman trailer

Jason Dobson

With a shaved head, chiseled jaw and a the voice of a chain smoker, Vin Diesel is tailor made for the central role of Milo Buick in The Wheelman, as well as the film's video game nod from both Midway and Diesel-powered developer Tigon Studios.

The game – which looks to headline Midway's new Hollywood-or-bust focus for 2008 – has now been revealed in trailer-form and – whether it's the ridiculous jumps, over-the-top explosions, or just Diesel's gravelly narration – you can consider our interest piqued. As 'The Pacifier' puts it, he's "looking for a job," something he should land when The Wheelman ships for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this fall.

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