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PS3 gets seven inch LCD screen

Majed Athab

If you can't afford Ben Heck's PS3 laptop, then here's a cheaper (and obviously not as efficient) solution to portable PS3 gaming. Much like the PS1 and PS2 consoles, the PS3 now has a mini-LCD display screen. The 7" LCD screen is made by a company called Clearvision. A price has not been revealed.

While this may seem like a nice add-on, let's take into consideration what kinds of games you'll be playing while using it. Plan on any RPGs or any game that's heavy on text? Doubt this teeny tiny screen will be able to make words readable since most PS3 games use relatively small fonts. This thing would probably be best for action-oriented games. Still, 7" isn't enough; 13"-14" sounds more like the sweet spot to us.

[Via Engadget Español]

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