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The units of R-Type Command


There are a lot of different ships you can use in the upcoming R-Type Command. And you must use them strategically! Here are some of the units you can take control of in Atlus' upcoming PSP exclusive:

As the R-Series went into mass production, an obvious flaw emerged: its melee capabilities were severely lacking. To balance this weakness, development began on a line of bipedal modules. The first of these was the Achilles, a unit equipped with multiple beam swords.


These are typically seen in small corridors, impeding smooth passage forward. Their mobility is low, but they are still proficient in traversing various types of terrain. Its strong points are its close-range blocking and ramming abilities. Stay out of their combat range and attack them from a distance.


NIDHOGGR / Multi-Hex
Some units are so formidable that they take up a sizable amount of space on the battlefield. These titans not only provide safety to their allies, but they can also overpower the enemy. Unlike the veteran Heimdall, the Nidhoggr is a cutting-edge destroyer. Though it is incapable of docking other units, its heavy offensive capabilities are unmatched. Its special Desynch Shot can even penetrate into desynch space to crush any foes.


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