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WoW Insider pwns a Mage, Druid, and Priest


Last night the WoW Insider arena team went over to the Arena Tournament server and played 14 matches over a couple hours. We went 8-6 for the evening, a much better number than our 3-11 score the week before. That places us at 11-17, with a team rating of 1435. Not too bad considering we've only played together a handful of times, and some of us are playing completely unknown classes.

So what helped us go in the right direction? A few things. First, we were communicating much more over vent. We were letting each other know what our target was, where we were going, what our status was, etc. This gave us the edge in a few matches.

Another thing that helped us win more was focus targeting a player down. This action in itself might seem like a no-brainer to many of you out there, but it is easier said than done. One of the reasons we had success in the video above is that we focus targeted the Mage down quickly. This was good not only from a DPS stand point, but from a target selection stand point as well. Mages are squishy, and go splat easily. This Mage didn't last long.

The match you're watching in the video is our final match of the evening. You can see that there isn't a whole lot of clicking being done by me, and that most of the mouse movement is done to control the direction of my character. We lost at least one or two prior matches because I was trying to be a clicker – something I'm firmly against. The reason I was trying to click in previous matches was to show you all the combination of abilities I was using. There'll be a couple other video's I'll post in the next few days that'll clearly show my clicking, and how it failed. So the lesson here is: don't click.

In this particular match we have myself on my Warrior, Insideradam. Insiderhalo is Zach on a retribution Paladin. Boldar is Mandy Dean's boyfriend playing on his Warrior. We go up against a Mage, Druid, and Priest. We take the Mage down first, then focus on the Druid, and finally finish off the priest. All in about a minute forty five. Not a bad match.

Stay tuned for more from the WoW Insider arena team!

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