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One Shots: Just playing through

While we're not entirely sure if this is really the precursor to golf, or if it's more in keeping with hockey or perhaps even croquet, we have to admit, this Lord of the Rings Online screenshot made us laugh pretty hard. Today's One Shots comes to us from Captain Finudir of Gondor, who sent the above screenshot in to us with the following note:

As Captain Finudir of Gondor toured the Northern Shire, he came across this odd wooden sculpture. Is this an artist's rendering of what eventually became golf? Notice the smile on the hobbit's face. Clearly, he is enjoying himself.

We really think it's the almost smug look of "this one is going into orbit" that really makes this one laugh-worthy. We can just picture any of us doing that after a particularly nasty battle, too. Fore!

Have you found anything in your game of choice that just shows off that the designers have a great sense of humor? Perhaps you've found a hilarious easter egg, or saw something that just made you stop and laugh that another player did. Whatever the case may be, we'd love to see it! Just drop those screenshots into the mail to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com.

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