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WoW Insider arena team vs. the Druid trifecta


Yesterday I posted a video of myself, Zach, and Mandy's boyfriend going up against a mage, priest, and druid combination. Today's video of Friday's matches includes the three of us going up against the "Druid Trifecta." That's one druid of each class: a moonkin, a feral, and a resto.

We don't have a very hard time with this one, and we get them down without much trouble. The only real iffy point comes towards the end where I have to dodge away and get some bandages going on for myself, which isn't really a bad thing.

Regarding the clicking that I'm doing, it's there for two reasons. First, to show you more clearly what skills and combinations I'm using. Secondly, I often times click to offset my keyboard use. Think of it this way: I have five or six skills that I'm using my main fingers for, and I have those skills planned out. I can position the mouse over the seventh skill I'll eventually use to make it easy to use when the time comes.

I often times active one off emergency actions with my mouse: soul stones, last stand, etc... I should have had bandages on my bar – but didn't. If I did I wouldn't have had to open my bag, which just takes valuable time. You can also see that I don't exactly hit the B key on my first try either – I accidently hit N, which just takes up more precious seconds.

These videos and commentaries are not meant to be the ultimate guide to arena play, but a guide on how three writers work to become better at PvP and this aspect of the game; and to show off what's happening over on the arena tournament server. Hopefully we can all learn a thing or two from them and become better when facing arena opponents.

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