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Can Mythos live up to its hype?


We've written once or twice about the upcoming free-to-play game action-MMO Mythos. It will rock you, sock you, completely demolish you and keep you coming back for another round of its point-and-click gameplay. Well, that's the theory, anyway. Can any game ever live up to all its hype? As Miguel Lopez points out in his Mythos preview, you have four races, but there's really not that much difference between them. Eventually, you'll run out of quests, and the only thing that will keep you coming back is the prospect of more fairly similar dungeon crawling.

Mythos shows the most creativity in its classes. Your characters must choose between one of three classes, but the talent trees can turn them into almost any variant on those you can think of. Want your caster to tank and melee? You can do that. Want your gadgeteer to let his pets do the fighting? Entirely up to you. Your character can be uniquely yours in every respect. This might come in handy when you meet someone else in the FFA PvP world of the Shadowlands. They won't have any idea what you can do... and you won't know anything about them, either. Will Mythos have the staying power of Diablo II? That's a tough call, but the developers at Flagship Studios are definitely hoping its addictive gameplay, casual setting, humor, and low price (can't beat free) will give them a hit after their miss with Hellgate: London.

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