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Epic Games prez compares Wii to a "virus"


The folks at Epic Games certainly haven't been shy to make their feelings about the Wii known in the past, but company president Michael Capps took things up a few more notches in a recent interview with IGN, with him not only once again bemoaning the Wii's underpowered hardware, but even going so far as to compare the console to a "virus." You can find Capps' complete musings on the matter at the link below, but the short of it is that he thinks the Wii maintains its success by building on a chain reaction of sorts, with one person buying the console only to get tired of it two months later, but not before they showed it to someone else, who also though it was cool and went out and bought one, and also got bored with it a couple of months later, and so on and so on. Capps does add, however, that there's obviously "a class of people who really love it and enjoy it and are getting into the games," but that he's waiting for "that one game that makes me play it," and that "maybe Wii Fit will be it." That apparently still doesn't mean you can expect to see any games from Epic on the Wii, however, with Capps flatly saying that "we go forward, not back."

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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