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How to get the five Battlefield Bad Company DLC weapons

Ross Miller

At their community event last week, Electronic Arts unveiled the five separate tasks you must complete to be able to use all five previously-premium weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company. Although the official site has only revealed one of the ways, Planet Battlefield has outlined all five methods:
  • QBU88 Sniper Rifle: Pre-order the game online or at any participating retailer. So far we know Gamestop and Amazon are part of this deal.
  • UZI Submachine Gun: Download and play the demo
  • M60 Light Machine Gun: Sign up for the Battlefield newsletter
  • F2000 Assault Rifle: Register your Battlefield soldier name
  • USAS12 Shotgun: Check your Bad Company stats online at launch.
Is this better than paying a premium? As for the quality of the weapons, our friends at sister site X3F tell us that, at least for the beta, the Uzi and F2000 are noticeably more powerful than their available-at-launch counterparts, while the others feel pretty balanced.

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