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PayPal says it won't block Safari


There's been some talk about PayPal blocking Safari from using its services, and I'm among those concerned about it... even if only from a convenience standpoint. Originally the news was gleaned from statements by PayPal Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett regarding browsers without phishing protection -- which most assumed included our beloved Webkit-based compass. But in a brief addendum to a post at the Wall Street Journal last week it was reported that -- while Paypal will be blocking older browsers (IE4-era) and older operating systems -- Safari is safe from the cut.

I'm relieved, at least from the previously mentioned convenience standpoint. I prefer Safari as my surfing browser1 and I frequently use PayPal. It's too bad that there are still a good number of sites that, while not blocking Safari, just plain don't work with it yet. Add to that some of the great plugins available for Flock/Firefox and you'll almost always find me with multiple browsers open. In much the way that the iPhone is preventing Gargoylism* by consolidating peripherals, I'm hoping for a day when I open just one browser in the morning. I'm getting a little teary-eyed thinking about it.

1Since I know it will be bandied about in the comments, I'd like to offer these reasons for preferring Safari: It's faster (in general). It's more elegant (or prettier, either way it's subjective). It's AppleScriptable (which I make daily use of). And it's more elegant (redundant, but worth mentioning again).

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