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Sound Hive brings surround sound to the honeycomb hideout

Steven Kim

Granted, surround-sound bars are a devices that bring a set of compromises with them. But if that's the only choice that will work in your setup, and you need something a little more visually striking (or if you think you can do better than the built-in steering algorithm), these Sound Hive speakers from Oskar Daniel might be what you're looking for. The panel of hexagonal drive units certainly will make for an interesting gear-related icebreaker at your next movie night. Unless, of course, you happen to live in a geodesic dome; in which case these might actually blend in to the surroundings. Best of all, though, each drive unit can individually oriented, meaning you can get the sound "just so." Somehow we're thinking the average customer for these isn't interested in audio tweaking, though.

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