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Unlock the Achievement starts today


Announced last week, 360Sync's Unlock the Achievement contest starts today. Dozens of 360 community websites around the web are participating and there are many, many prizes up for grabs. You can head over to the official site to get registered and see which sites are participating. Now, to explain exactly what you'll be looking for once you're registered. Find an explanation of the game after the break.

All this week, we will be hiding "achievements" in various parts of the our site. You'll know you've found an achievement once you see this icon:

Clicking on these icons will unlock an achievement on the official UTA website (note: the image above is only a sample, and clicking it won't get you anything). So, keep a sharp eye on our website to find all five achievements we'll be hiding. Keep in mind that we won't necessarily be hiding them all inside of news posts. They might be hidden in other parts of the website, so you might want to look for sections you don't normally visit.

That's pretty much it. We'll be hiding achievements all week, starting today. Some will be obvious. Others will be hard to find. Now, make sure you register or your clicks won't count, and be sure to visit the other participating sites to find their achievements as well. Good luck to everyone.

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